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   1. against the wind
   2. against the wall
   3. against the sky

1961 autumn

Over a period of 100 days, responses to the above score by Yoko Ono were recorded via the telephone to become part of an online timeline. An inspiring variety of recordings were made, which you can hear by launching the timeline below.

Yoko Ono's work often involves these haiku-like scores that combine imagery, actions and sounds through the imagination, into poetry. By invoking the individual imagination and interpretation of the viewer, a participatory and open-ended process is set in motion.

We wish to thank Yoko Ono for her support and participation in creating this project. We would also like to thank all those that participated, for making this a very fun and rewarding piece.

Click launch below to view/hear the responses.
Open from March 10 -- June 17, 2001.

This online event was held for the duration of the exhibition Y E S  YOKO ONO at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

  Currently open to participation is "Laugh Piece", a sister project at EGG online. Take a peep and leave your response.