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Helen Markell, 83, ripping into her interpretation of Voice Piece for Soprano. Robert Wooten, Helen Markell, Merrily Edgecombe, and ... guest. -------------------------------------- Subject: Voice Piece for Soprano Date: 4/7/01 1:51 PM From: Robert Wooten Dear Walker Arts Center, Yesterday my friend, 83 year old artist, & teacher Helen Markell, came to paint at my studio, on Lake Eire, in Madison Ohio. During our break at about 2:45 p.m., we phoned in our screams to be a part of Yoko Ono's Voice Piece for Soprano. Helen gave a wonderful loud high pitch scream, that was long in length. She is an amazing gal, who is also head of the Guild of the Arts, at the B.K.Smith Gallery on the campas of Lake Eire College. I'm sending a photo of her screaming.Love, Robert Wooten Name: helenscream4.jpg Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg) Encoding: base64 -------------------------------------- ... and after a not-too-hard a time identifying which call ... -------------------------------------- Subject: Re: FWD: Voice Piece for Soprano Date: 4/25/01 3:30 PM From: Robert Wooten Yes!!! That was us, there were 3 of us actually, & my pet parakeet, Tweety. I have a 50's era home w/ an "L" shaped living room w/ dining area attached. One phone in the dining area, one in the living area, & a portable one for Helen. The bird cage is in the between of these rooms, & he just started to freak when we were jamming, beating his head on the side of the cage, & improving w/ us, I started to chirp along w/ him, as I have become fluent in parakeet.(last night he was very Very good improving to "Death of Samatha") The other friend performing w/ us was Merrily Edgecombe. We are all artists. Helen was so primed for it. She raises her 12 year old greatgrand daughter, looks after 92 years old sister, Teaches painting at Wildwood Arts Center in Mentor Ohio, & heads the Guild of the Arts at the B.K. Smith Gallery on the campus of Lake Erie College, in Painesville, Ohio. She is from one of the original founding families of Lake Co. She is comming over to paint on Friday, & will be pleased to hear of your response. Best be Yours, Robert Wooten
Name: helen painting4.jpg Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg) Encoding: base64
Name: tweety door.JPG Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg) Encoding: base64 ... .... . ..... .. . .................. . . Sarah Cook sends a report in from Newcastle, UK. -------------------------------------- Subject: yoko ono Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 22:07:14 +0100 From: Sarah Cook To: Trudy Lane day 57, 14:40, 14:48 and 15:55 are all the screams of crazy drunk people roaming towards the bigg market down high bridge st in newcastle, as heard from the third floor window of the office of locus+ (there's a six hour time difference between minneapolis and england, so if it's 4pm at the Walker's answering machine, it's 10pm, an hour til last orders, here in the northeast UK). ... .... . ..... .. . .................. . . A contribution from the amazing multi-tasking Markus Lukenheimer... -------------------------------------- Subject: Re: yoko ono Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 02:58:09 -0500 From: justin braem To: trudy lane day 53, 19:33:59 Minneapolis' own Marcus Lunkenheimer sends Yoko the bizzare screams of a self-modified Yamaha drum machine via a cell phone whilst walking down Nicollet Ave. On the same day "calling Yoko Ono" appears on "ilove-bear.com"'s "dislike" list (?) JB ... .... . ..... .. . .................. . . SonicFlux: Yoko Ono http://www.walkerart.org/pa/sonicflux/ono/ A 100-day online event -- March 10 to June 17, 2001 Call (+1) 612.375.7558 to participate